Stop Sacrificing Style!

Hues Studio is your guide to
Functional Fashion.

Clothes come in sizes, so why shouldn't your bags?

At Hues Studio, we believe that modern women shouldn't have to settle.
We ditch the one-size-fits-all concept with affordable luxury that adapts to your needs!

Example : Hazel

Let's take our bestseller, the 'Hazel,' for example: This gorgeous bag has flown off the shelves over 4,000 times since launch, and for good reason!

Need a chic little companion for an evening out? Our small 'Hazel' is the perfect choice!

Craving a medium-sized 'Hazel' to tote your laptop? Done!

Longing for a large 'Hazel' to be your trusty companion for travel? Consider it yours.

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S, M & L, but in BAGS!

'Hazel' is just the beginning! We have multiple size options on a whole bunch of our bags, from 'Ace' to roomy 'Charlotte' and many more!

So, what size serves your need? Find your ideal fit and experience affordable luxury that truly works for you <3

Troy Sling & Totes

Ace Sling & Totes